Ultimate Bug-in & Home Defense DVD Set

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Ultimate Bug-In and Home Defense Course Features

  • Course Runtime: 213 Minutes
  • This course will teach you to be prepared for any emergency
  • Intro to bugging in and  home security
  • Bug-in VS. Bug Out
  • Pace Planning
  • EDC Considerations
  • Communications
  • Vehicle Preparedness and Overlanding Rigs
  • Setting up Caches
  • Community and Networking
  • The 5 D’s of Home Defense and Home Preparedness
  • Escape Plans


In these unpredictable times, where every day brings new challenges, The Survival Summit proudly presents "The Ultimate Bug-In and Home Defense Course," featuring the renowned survival expert E. J. Snyder. This essential video series is designed to empower you and your loved ones with the knowledge and skills needed to face any crisis – from unexpected home intrusions and civil disturbances to natural disasters and global health emergencies.

E.J. Snyder, a celebrated retired Army Ranger, survival and tracking instructor, and television survival icon, brings his vast expertise and real-world experience directly to you. This course isn't just about survival; it's about thriving in the face of adversity, ensuring the safety and security of your family in your own home.

As we navigate through life's uncertainties, including pandemics, wildfires, economic instability, and even global conflicts, the importance of being prepared has never been more evident. You might feel powerless, but this course is here to change that. It's tailored specifically for the everyday individual – whether you're Joe or Joan, this guide is your key to taking control.

Discover the art of "bugging in," a crucial skill as shown by the COVID-19 pandemic. While many talk about "bugging out," the reality is most of us will find safety and refuge in our own homes. This comprehensive film covers everything you need to know about preparing and planning for such situations. It's not just about having supplies; it's about understanding the strategies to protect your home and loved ones.

Delve into the five D's of Home Defense, learn to customize survival strategies to fit your unique needs, and prepare your vehicle for any scenario. This course covers all aspects of survival, from navigating your way back home in an emergency to fortifying your residence against potential threats.

Join us on this journey to self-reliance and peace of mind. "The Ultimate Bug-In and Home Defense Course" isn't just another survival guide – it's your blueprint for safety, security, and confidence in an ever-changing world. Your home is your sanctuary; let's keep it that way. Be prepared, be confident, be ready – for you and your loved ones.