Survival Skills DVD

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Unlock the Wilderness Within: Master Survival with Sigma 3’s Expertise

For the unsuspecting day hiker or the seasoned prepper, survival is an art that demands mastery. Join the thrilling journey led by the charismatic duo, self-declared as the coolest folks on the planet, as they unravel the secrets of enduring the harshest elements with just basic tools.

Ever dreamed of venturing into the wilderness with nothing but a knife and thriving against all odds?

The Survival Summit proudly showcases Sigma 3 Survival School’s genius, Robert Allen, as he unfolds a tapestry of invaluable survival techniques in his signature film, “Survival Skills.”

Dive into this online streaming masterpiece to:

Master Fire & Shelter: Learn the nuances of creating a fire using a bow drill, crafting shelters that outperform modern tents in warmth, and strategies tailored for both cold and warm weather conditions.

Sustain & Thrive: Dive into water filtering methods, food procurement, and preservation techniques, many demonstrated primitively or with minimal tools.
Hone Your Techniques: From the intricate art of knife sharpening to setting up efficient traps, every skill is showcased with clarity.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • EDC Essential Survival Tools
  • Expert Knife Sharpening Techniques
  • Dynamic Shelter Building for Varying Climates
  • Pioneering Water Purification Methods
  • Fire Creation: Bow Drill to Ferro Rod
  • Exclusive Diamond Blowing Technique for Fire
  • Long-lasting, All Night Fire Techniques
  • Advanced Trapping Techniques: From Snare to Deadfall
  • Efficient Meat Preparation and Preservation
  • One of the standout skills, the All-Night Fire, proved its prowess during the filming, providing warmth for a staggering 40 hours without needing additional wood. 
  • and a lot more!

Filmed over five days in collaboration with Sigma 3 Survival School, this experience has been a memorable milestone for The Survival Summit team. Every instructor’s passion and knowledge enriched the production, hinting at potential future collaborations.

Whether you’re a backpacker seeking to add more tools to your skill set or a hardcore prepper preparing for the unforeseen, this film offers over three hours of intensive training, making wilderness survival an attainable goal. Empower yourself with Sigma 3 Survival School’s wisdom and embrace the wilderness like never before.