Survival Land Navigation DVD

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Mastering the Ancient Art of Navigation: When Tech Fails, Skills Prevail!


  • Back to Basics: Understand the intricacies of various compass types and the art of reading a topographic map. Dive deep into the essence of “Declination” and learn its significance.
  • Modern Reliance on Age-Old Techniques: In an era where GPS systems dominate, relearn how to navigate your surroundings without them, empowering yourself with the knowledge of the azimuth and pace count.
  • Craft Your Own Guide: From creating a primitive compass to making astute route plans, this film encapsulates the essence of land navigation.
  • Safeguarding Essentials: Whether you’re seeking water or a hidden stash of essentials, learn how to pinpoint your exact location on a map, ensuring you always find your way. Plus, master the technique of concealing and discovering secret caches without misplacing them.

This invaluable film is not just a learning tool; it's a gateway to freedom in an increasingly technology-dependent world. Imagine being able to confidently embark on any journey, knowing that your skills can guide you through unfamiliar terrains, without the crutch of electronic devices.

Benefits of This Essential Knowledge:

  • Unmatched Confidence: Gain the confidence to explore new places, knowing you can rely on your navigation skills to safely guide you back.
  • Emergency Preparedness: In emergencies, when technology fails, your knowledge of traditional navigation becomes a lifeline, enabling you to find your way to safety.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Experiences: Transform your outdoor adventures, from hiking to camping, with the peace of mind that comes from being able to navigate any landscape.
  • Valuable Life Skill: This skill is not just for adventures but also a crucial life skill that enhances your problem-solving abilities and spatial awareness.
  • Connect with Nature: Rediscover a deeper connection with the natural world, learning to read the earth’s contours and the sky’s cues.
  • Family Bonding and Education: Teach and bond with your family over these vital skills, ensuring they too are equipped for any adventure or unforeseen circumstances.

What You’ll Master:

  • Adaptability in Any Environment: Whether in dense forests, vast deserts, or urban landscapes, these skills are universally applicable.
  • Precision in Planning: Learn to make precise route plans that can save time and energy, essential for both leisurely hikes and critical situations.
  • Historical Insight: Gain an appreciation for the navigation methods used by our ancestors, understanding their relevance even today.

This film isn't just a tutorial; it's a transformational experience that equips you with a unique set of skills, making you more competent, confident, and connected. "Survival: Land Navigation" is your key to unlocking a world where you are the master of your journey, no matter where you are. Grab your copy today, and step into a life where skills, not just technology, define your path.