Survival Bugout DVD

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Survive the Unthinkable: Expert Guidance on Navigating Chaos and Collapse


Dive Deep into Survival Wisdom:

  • Master the Bug Out Bag: Uncover its secrets, know the essentials to pack, and the redundant items to ditch.
  • Stealth and Strategy: Learn the art of moving discreetly, minimizing visibility, and evading potential threats.
  • The Philosophy of Preparation: Grasp the underlying reasons to prep and understand the importance of readiness in an unstable world.
  • Deciphering the Right Time: Ascertain the crucial moment to make the move, ensuring you’re neither too early nor too late.
  • Destination Decisions: Guidance on potential safe havens and how to determine the best spots for refuge.


Step into a world where uncertainty is the only certainty, and prepare to arm yourself with the wisdom to survive the unthinkable. In a time when disasters like financial crises, pandemics, and electrical grid failures loom large, it's crucial to ask yourself: will you be caught unprepared or will you have the knowledge to steer through the chaos?

Imagine the chaos of a city gripped by despair and danger. Would you stay and face the tumult, or would you have a plan to navigate to safety? Each crisis brings unique challenges, and there isn't a universal solution. But we offer you a beacon of hope – a film that shines a light on the path to survival.

This captivating journey into preparedness includes a bonus film trailer that provides a glimpse into the treasure trove of knowledge in the main instructional piece. While the trailer stirs your imagination, the core film dives deep into practical, real-world survival strategies.

Embark on a journey to master survival skills:

  • Learn to craft the perfect Bug Out Bag – what essentials to pack and what to leave behind.
  • Acquire the art of stealth and strategy, learning to move unseen and avoid threats.
  • Embrace the philosophy of preparation, understanding why readiness is crucial in a world that's constantly changing.
  • Learn to recognize the critical moment to act – ensuring your timing is impeccable.
  • Get expert guidance on choosing your safe haven and determining the best places to seek refuge.
  • These insights come from Jonathan Hollerman, a renowned best-selling author and respected retreat consultant. His extensive expertise and real-life experience inform every piece of advice.

In a world riddled with adversity, knowledge is your ultimate tool for survival. Arm yourself with this film, prepare for the unpredictable, and rise above the chaos. This is where your journey of survival begins – a journey to outsmart uncertainty and thrive in a world of unpredictability.