Firearmed Volume One DVD

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Firearmed Course Features

• Learn to fight, with a gun
• Access and retain your weapon
• Enhance defense of family skills
• Understand the use of force laws
• Enhance decision making under stress
• Improve shooting skills
• Develop your draw from concealment under stress
• Learn life-saving trauma care techniques
• Establish your post-conflict strategy
• Progress your skills with unique training drills

Discover a new horizon in self-defense with "Fit to Fight® FIREARMED®," the groundbreaking training program that's changing the game for individuals of all skill levels. Whether you're a complete novice, an experienced shooter, or someone looking to bolster their fighting acumen in firearms-based situations, this program is your essential guide.

Imagine mastering the art of fighting with a firearm, accessing and retaining your weapon with ease, and enhancing the defense of your family. "FIREARMED®" brings all this to your doorstep, along with the crucial understanding of use-of-force laws and decision-making skills under stress. This isn't just about shooting; it's about comprehensive preparation for any scenario.

The program offers an in-depth look at real-life scenarios and drills crucial for developing your skills. You'll learn to draw your concealed weapon under pressure, and even life-saving trauma care techniques. Plus, you'll formulate a post-conflict strategy and advance your abilities with unique training drills, all from the comfort of your own home.

You don't need any prior shooting experience to benefit from this course. Whether you have minimal knowledge of firearms or are a seasoned expert, this program is designed for you. It's an inert, cost-effective training that doesn't require any special equipment, shooting range access, or previous self-defense experience. And for those who prefer in-person training, Fit To Fight® has certified FIREARMED® instructors offering courses nationwide.

This isn't just a training DVD; it's a life-changing experience. With "Fit to Fight® FIREARMED®," you're not just learning to defend yourself; you're gaining the confidence and peace of mind to protect what matters most. Dive into this two-hour comprehensive course and transform your approach to firearm-based defense and safety. This is your chance to become proficient, prepared, and empowered – all within the security of your home.